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i’m now gonna post gifs over at powerrangers20! thanks for sticking with me and hopefully you’ll follow me over :)

if anyone wants this blog just message me and it’s yours!

power rangers 30 day challenge
day six
favorite ally

wild force/megaforce AU: while on the island of animarium the megaforce rangers must save merrick baliton, the wild force wolf ranger, who’s been transformed back into the evil zen-aku

mosymoseys said: thank you so much! <3 you've made my day.

no problem! your requests were so fun to fill! the jarrod/camille relationship is so interesting to me and i ADORE leelee so i was very pumped while making the gifs :)

maybe it’s not too late for us

kira ford + her guitar

jen scotts + being a badass

power rangers + evil turned good II